Monday, December 17, 2007


Since I am moving to Omaha to live with Jeremy pretty soon, we decided that we are going to get a puppy to keep me company while Jeremy is at work or flying or deployed. Luckily one of Jer's friends has a 6 month old puppy named "Zver" (Russian for Beast) and they are going to let us adopt it into our family! They think he is part lab part newfoundland. He's a very large puppy, and will keep us busy. We're going to pick him up and bring him home sometime next week during the Christmas holiday. I'm looking forward to finally having a dog!

Baby Chastain

So we don't officially know what the baby is, but we will be finding out as soon as baby decides to stop being so shy and flash us already. The last ultrasound baby was too small so they couldn't tell if anything was there (or not there.) Then today baby wouldn't get into the right position for us to see.
Just today I had an ultrasound appointment where they did a full anatomy scan. Baby has all ten fingers and ten toes. Limbs are developing perfectly. The spine looked strong and the heart was beating steady. It was very active so I was in there for about an hour and forty-five minutes with them trying to get pictures of different organs and body parts to make sure they are developing properly. So far, everything looked great!
Baby had it's legs squeezed tightly together so we couldn't really tell if it was a boy or a girl. We could view the bladder (which had developed just fine) and right underneath we didn't see ANY boy parts. Three different techs came in and their opinions were that it was a girl with a slight possibility of a boy who's parts were being squished.
Hopefully at the next ultrasound baby will sprawl out so we can get a clear view. We're both getting very impatient and can't wait to find out whether it's a girl or a boy. Next ultrasound I'll be in Nebraska so Jeremy will be able to attend and we'll find out together what we're having.
Boy or girl, I'm just happy the baby is developing properly and seems to be happy and healthy. Baby is very active and moves around and kicks and punches me 24/7! I honestly cannot wait until I can meet the baby and Jer and I can hug and kiss it.
This is the first grandbaby on both sides, and we know it is already loved by many!
Baby Chastain is due on April 18, 2008. This ultrasound picture was taken today at about 22 1/2 weeks. It's laying down facing the camera and it has both hands in it's mouth. Right as the tech was capturing the picture it tilted it's little head back so you can't really focus too well on the face. Don't worry, I saw it's nose and it does not look like Jeremy's =) Just kidding!


Okay, where to start? So much has happened the past year and it's all been so fun and crazy!
For a while Jeremy and I were stationed at separate bases and had to take leave every once in a while in order to see each other. While I was visiting Jeremy in Nebraska for my 21st birthday he surprised me with a beautiful engagement ring and asked if I would be his wife. After spending a little over a week and half together I had to get on a plane and head back to my base in Biloxi, Mississippi. We planned on getting married as soon as we could so that I could get orders to get stationed in Nebraska with him.
Well, a few weeks after I got back to Biloxi I discovered that I was pregnant with mine and Jeremy's first baby! We were so excited and could not wait to share the news with our loved ones.
After waiting about a month and a half, Jeremy was able to fly down to visit me and we took a little trip to Tallahassee, FL to visit with his brother Josh and attend a Florida State game. While in Tally we went to the court house and eloped on September 7, 2007. It was pretty fun and exciting, and you know I've never done anything the conventional way, so it was just my style!
In just a few short days I will officially be a civilian again. We decided that me separating from the Air Force and moving to Nebraska was the best decision for our little family. This way we will be able to live together and prepare for the baby to arrive, and once baby Chastain is born I can stay home and raise the baby!

Why blog?

So my mom started a Fausett family blog to keep everyone up to date on her siblings and all their families. There are just so many of us that I thought I'd help her out by posting my new family's info and everything going on so she doesn't have to keep updating for us. It's hard to keep in touch when both of us come from such large families with lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins. So this way Jer's family and mine can stay updated on things going on. I think this is a pretty good idea, and since I won't be working soon I should have no problem keeping it up!