Friday, October 16, 2009

Eventful Friday Night

So my friend, Maria and I were planning on carving pumpkins and making a yummy dinner tonight since both of our hubbys are out of town. We took a quick drive over to Papillion to get some pumpkins from the HyVee and when we went back out to the van it wouldn't start. The breaks were locked and the ignition was locked. I couldn't even turn the key. After 45 minutes of trying we walked up to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat, and once we were done we tried again. After ten minutes I caved and called our roadside assistance and they sent a tow truck. So I trip that should have taken about a half hour took over three hours.
We're glad to finally be home in our sweats and cozy in our Halloween quilt.
Thank you Barb for picking up Maria and Layla so they didn't have to wait with me =)
We're going to carve pumpkins tomorrow instead since it's so late now.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Park Play

Layla exploring the toddler playground. That place was AMAZING! Very safe for toddlers to play.

The Kapele guys playing some ball.

Grandma Bird getting Layla to try the teeter-totter.

Mrazek men.


Feeding the evil ducks. If you didn't get the crackers to them fast enough they'd chase you.

helping out Grandma Bird pick out pears.


Eating peaches after doing a great job picking out pears.

hanging out with Aunt Wendi.

Pumpkin Patch in Placerville!