Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Laundry Day!

Just like daddy....

Layla likes to pull funny faces just like Jeremy. In a lot of these pictures she looks just like her daddy! In some she looks like a drunk bum again. Well, an adorable drunk bum.

Bath Time!

Layla and mommy took a bath today. We had a lot of fun. Layla was laughing when she'd kick the water and make a splash.

Monkey Noises

So Layla makes this cute little monkey noise sometimes. This video was taken while she was staring at our Air Force quilt. She was staring at the bright blue side with the AF emblem all over it and making little monkey noises. The other morning she woke up at about 5 a.m. for some breakfast. After a couple of hours awake I took her back to bed with me, and let her lay down on Jeremy's side because he had left for work. She just lay there making this little monkey noise for like a half hour instead of letting me go back to sleep.


Our dog, Zver is a strange creature. He does a lot of weird things. I guess this isn't weird for a dog, but I looked over to where he was laying while I was watching T.V. and he was staring at me in this position, still as a statue.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Shopping Cart!

Layla rode in the shopping cart for the first time ever!! She still doesn't have the greatest balance, so she only stayed sitting as long as she had her hands on the bar in front. She sat up for a good 2 minutes before she got tired of riding in the cart. It was so cute!! I was very proud of my little munchkin for riding in the cart for a little while. Maybe next time she'll go 3 minutes =D

Friday, August 22, 2008


I finally got a video of Layla laughing!! Her and Jeremy were chasing Zver around the dining room, and I guess she thought it was the funniest thing ever! It was the cutest thing to watch!

Matching Tattoos!

Jeremy got his Fleur De Lis on his upper back. He just got the outline for now, but is planning on filling it in sometime in the future.

Going with my usual black and gray shaded tattoo I got a Fleur De Lis with shading!!

Air Force Week!!!

Opening night of Air Force week we went out to eat at Famous Dave's before the ceremony.

Skody, you can't hide from my camera!

Two of the craziest people I know.

I don't know what I'm doing. I didn't know she was taking a picture.

OMG! Crazy Air Force honor guard...I did that while I was in the Air Force. I was part of the Keesler AFB honor guard team =)

Wow! Did they just throw guns?!


Layla and Jeremy weren't nearly as impressed by the honor guard as Skody and I!

My daughter, the drunk bum.
My favorite picture, ever.

MMMM, cotton candy!

Can I lick the sugar off your tongue?

Jer making a face because he has a weird wife.

My kick ass boots.

Skody singing to Jon. He wasn't enjoying it.

Stupid cotton candy guy was ignoring me. I guess he knew I did not need any more sugar in my system.


My favorite plane. It's so stealth!

Jessica Andrews. She was awful.

Waiting for the fireworks to start.

Oooh, pretty!


It's the AWACS!

C-130...I think.

The side of the plane Jeremy flies on.

The nose of the plane Jeremy flies on.

The bad guy plane from Top Gun.

The inside of a KC-10

Hangin' out in the KC-10. I have no idea what Layla is doing.

The KC-10 flew in from TRAVIS AFB, CA!!!!!!!

Lounging in the B-1

Hiding in the shade. What a hot day.

Layla did not want to fly the B-1

Cool pin-up inside the B-1 Layla was flying.

OMG! The terrorists are here!

Explosions bore her.

The most flattering picture of Benge I've ever seen!

Smashing my nose =)

Cute butt.

My man looks good in his uniform!

Ooooh! The Thunderbirds are amazing!

The people in front of us kept waving at the planes as they flew buy. Yeah, like they can really see you.