Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My mom keeps telling me I need to update...

So I haven't updated in a while, and a lot has gone on.
I made it safe and sound to Nebraska, and Jeremy and I have been spending time together as newlyweds, decorating and furnishing our home, and getting ready for baby Layla to grace us with her presence. (Yes, we found out it's a girl!) A few weeks ago she tried to jumpstart my labor and sent me into pre-term labor, but the docs were able to stop it and send me on my way!
The day I left the hospital, I got on a plane to go visit my family out in California! I hadn't seen them since Christmas of '06 so I was happy to go home and see my parents and siblings and my best friend, Robin. Not much has changed, and it felt good to be back there hanging out with everyone. Matty still picks on my mom, and I was able to get picture proof of it!
Also, while I was home, my daddy had a massive heart attack. They kept him in the hospital for observation a few days, but they finally let him come home just a couple days before I left, so I still got to spend time with him.
While I was home my mom and dad set up an appointment with this company that does 3d/4d ultrasounds. We were in there with the tech for about 40 minutes and the whole time Layla was moving around, kicking, sucking her fingers and toes, and touching her face. She was just the cutest little thing and put on a good show for us. I think she looks just like her daddy's baby pictures, but Jeremy just doesn't see it. My mom and family friend Kristen threw a baby shower for me and Layla and so many people showed up with well wishes and great gifts! It was so nice to see all these familiar faces after being away in the military for so long. Layla got a lot of cute clothes! Later that night she was so hyper and active that she put on a two hour show for Gramy Robbin. I was laying on the couch while we were watching some T.V. and my mom could see and feel her move and kick. She's an active baby and is always moving. Layla is getting stronger and stronger everyday, and last week when we were at the OB for an appt they were able to measure her weight through and ultrasound and she weighed 3 pounds, 4 ounces (as big as her Aunt Wendi was when she was born!)
Speaking of Wendi, I just want everyone to know that she is a chicken face with a chicken beak!
Zver has been a lot of fun, and I'm so glad that we were able to adopt him. He's still a puppy but he doesn't look like it at all. He's a big dog, but he acts like he's tiny. Zver likes to run around chasing his tennis balls, chew on a bone, or chase his tail. He still acts like a big baby and goes crazy if he gets left alone. For the most part he has stopped pooping in the house, but the other day we found a few surprises he left for us in the entryway. We still love him though.
On Valentine's Day I woke up feeling like I was swallowing shards of glass, turns out it was just a sore throat. Since then I've had a cough/cold and two days ago somehow developed pinkeye. Jeremy has been taking such good care of me! He took me to the doctor yesterday where they gave me some eye drops. I hate putting things in my eyes, so Jeremy does it for me! The drops have really helped, and I'm hoping this cough/cold and the pink eye are cleared up ASAP!