Sunday, March 23, 2008


The countdown has begun.
Jeremy and I are both anxious to be getting the show on the road. I really just want to get the scary labor part over and done with so I can play with my little baby girl.
Today I felt two contractions, but they were so far apart and didn't last more than 10-15 seconds, so I know they were just braxton hicks. I think BH contractions are a mean tease for us anxious blimps. As much fun as it has been being pregnant, I am at the point where I am just ready for it to be over!!!! The only thing I'm going to miss is feeling her little movements inside my belly (not so much the big kicks in the ribs.)
I think the world is ready for Layla. I hope Layla is ready for the world real soon!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You know you're happy when.....

When you get a new fence!! After having this house since October we finally got a fence around our backyard. Personally, I think fences should come with the house. We always had a fence growing up in California. I guess the midwest is full of weirdos who like to have everyone in their business. It's still not the woodn fence I would have preferred, but at least it's something to keep my devil of a dog from running off again. Hours before the fence people got here Zver decided to make a run for it. Maybe he knew it was going to be his last chance for escape? Well he took off to the house you see in the background of the picture below. Once I finally made my way down there with the leash he took off around the house and made is way down the street. Not fun. He spent the rest of the day in his kennel. Today he was starting to act up again, so I let him out to run around and he just did laps around the whole yard. He was like a race horse running around as fast as he could. I was happy that he was getting all of his energy out, but in the process he got covered in mud and made his way into the house and got mud all over my white carpet. He really is an evil dog.So Jeremy's family had gotten us a gift certificate for Pottery Barn for our elopement. I'm not a big fan of pottery barn (too expensive for my taste) but we were able to find something to make good use of the money. We got some wine glasses, champagne glasses, martini glasses, and margherita glasses. Since I am not allowed to drink alcohol for another month or so I made good use by squeezing the apple juice from my juice box and drinking it from my awesome wine glass!

Another fun story about Zver....Jeremy was sitting on the computer and Zver was laying on the floor next to him. Suddenly Zver started growling and barking at something in the kitchen. Jeremy looks around the corner and there is absolutely nothing in there. He looks at Zver to follow his eyeline and it turns out he spotted our puppy calendar. He saw the little dog looking at him, and I guess he didn't like it. Zver likes to bark at the TV whenever another dog is on there. He runs around trying to figure out how this dog got into the house and why he can't see the dog standing behind the TV. Not the brightest dog...definitely entertaining though!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I went to the BX on base today while running errands and decided the haircut lady looked bored, so I let her cut my hair. I cut about 4 inches off and added some layers. It's pretty different, but I like it.Jeremy is really interested in Astrology and likes to go outside and admire the night sky. Since it is now nice and clear weather he just bought some really nice binoculars that can bring out amazing details. I like to go out with him and he shows me all these beautiful stars and planets and different solar systems. It'll be nice to take these out in the mountains and get much greater detail.
Not much else has been going on these days. We're just enjoying our time together and waiting for Layla's arrival. I have about a month left and am really looking forward to meeting this little person I've been growing inside me. Layla is coming at a perfect time when the weather is getting warmer and new plants are growing. I'm so happy that it is springtime, and I'm really looking forward to spending the summer with my little girl.