Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Jeremy and Layla wasted no time getting started on their quality daddy-daughter time together!

A call? For me?!

Layla is not used to getting phone calls!

Nap Time!

I don't know what else to say to this.

All those new toys....

...and she just wants to play with the DVDs!

Little Weirdo!

I was laying down on the couch while Layla was on the side of it playing with the DVDs. All of a sudden I felt something chomp down on my foot!

Thank You Aunt Wendi!

She couldn't wait for me to get Elmo out of the box!

He was tellin' some funny jokes!

Christmas Day

Sorry mom, I know I took a while to get these up =)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Video From Last Month

Layla was tired and we were trying to keep her awake because it was still early.

Layla playing with her new table from Grandma Robbin and Grandpa Pete

Happy Christmas Eve!

Layla and I opened the Christmas Eve presents my parents sent. Layla got a Disney Princess Ornament AND an Elmo Ornament, I got my Barbie ornament, and Jeremy got an ESPN ornament. (Yes, I opened Jer's gift, but I knew it was an ornament and since he's not going to be home for a while I opened it to put on the tree.)

Layla trying to get the bag of used wrapping paper.

Layla's new toys from my parents. They sent money so I could buy toys for her from them. That way they didn't have to send an even bigger box than they already did!

Of course, she was more interested in the box!

Getting ready to open her ornament.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Doesn't It Just Break You Heart?

Jeremy and I were texting back and forth when I told him that it started snowing outside. He suggested that I should take Layla out in it so she can play.

I don't think she enjoyed herself.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Any Suggestions?

I want to read, but I just can't find anything I might be interested in after reading the Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer has destroyed my literary life. If anyone has any suggestions, please please please let me know!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Little Goober

Showing off those big girl teeth! I can't believe my little one has six teeth already!f

My happy little nugget.

Always busy. Playing with her toys.

She uses that ottoman to help her walk. It is easy to push around the carpet.

Meeting Uncle Joshy

Jeremy's brother, Josh is in Nebraska staying with their parents for the holiday season. He flew in yesterday morning and I took Layla over to meet her uncle for the first time. We had a great time spending the day with him and Grandma and Grandpa Chastain.

Layla loves her Uncle Josh. I think that since he looks like Jeremy she thought he looked familiar. They had a great time playing together.


On Thursday Layla took her first steps all by herself! A couple of days before she stood up without holding on to anything. She was standing on the left side of the T.V. stand and turned to face her exersaucer on the right. I guess she decided the quickest way to get there was to take a few steps without holding on to anything! She took three quick steps and she was there, ready to play with her toys! I am so proud of my little nugget!This picture was taken right after she got there. I wish I could have gotten a video!

Face Paint

Okay, it's not really face paint. Layla got a hold of the pen I was using when I was addressing Christmas cards the other day, and this is what she did with it:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I need addresses!!!

I'm addressing Christmas cards and I need some addresses!!
Here are some addresses that I know I need:
The Kapele Family
The Mrazek Family
The Degarmo Family
Kayla and Tyler
Zoey and Damien
Delaney's address in Chicago
The Haley Family

Please, please, please get these addresses to me as soon as possible!
If there is someone that I didn't name above that would like a Christmas card send me your address as well. Or if you got one last year, and moved, I need your new address!
Email all addresses to
Thanks and happy holidays!

Funny Story

So while I was putting up pictures and updating the blog, Layla was playing on the floor. She has a ton of toys to entertain her, but when I glanced down I saw Layla going to put something gross in her mouth. I yelled her name and darted to her as fast as I could and grabbed the big wad of dog hair she had picked up off the floor (my dog sheds like crazy and I can't vacuum everyday!!) She just looks up and smiles with a mouthful of dog hair. I start cleaning her mouth out first and she laughs as she reaches up and sticks some fingers in my mouth. Her fingers were still full of dog hair so I got a nice mouthful. Little stinker =)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One of Layla's Favorite Things....

Even though Layla has SO MANY toys, she prefers to play with things she is not supposed to play with. One of her favorite things to do is take as many DVDs off the shelves and chew on them. This is what happened when Jeremy and I weren't paying attention.