Monday, July 28, 2008

Camping. Day One.

MMMM, breakfast up th canyon.

Matt, not flipping off the camera!

Wendi and Layla enjoying the mountain air.


Cousin Tyson.

Beautiful view from where I sat eating breakfast.

Mom and Uncle J.T.

Zoey practicing for when Damien finally knocks her up. =D

Father and Son
[Papa Buddy & Uncle Dan]

Little Mikey taking off on our hike.

Brit, Avery, Layla, and I were trying hard to keep up with Mikey.

"Hurry up!"

Stopping to enjoy the view. Old Folks Flat.

Layla got tired during the hike. Too much fresh air!

Papa Bud.

Still passed out.

Tired little munchkin!

Uncle Danny with his grandbaby.

Papa threatening to break my camera.

Layla enjoying the great outdoors.

Blowing up the air mattress.

Aunt Connie telling ghost stories or threatening someone with a stick. Not sure.

Brother and sister.

I had to be sneaky!

Avery wanted to push her brother around.

Trying so hard!

She got tired and wanted to sleep on her grandpa.

Pregnant Sara before I knew she was pregnant...those little rascals!

Being sneaky again.

One of my favorite places!

Going on a hike looking for sticks.

Wild life.

Playing Phase ten!

Minnie and Me....something was funny.

Aunt Cindy getting ready to punch someone.

Danica and Tyson.

Janae and Danica.

Trying to be sneaky, but Damien was on to me.

Me and Aleesa.

Heather and James finally made it up the canyon!

Layla enjoyed the icing off of mine and Matt's birthday cake.




Uncle Rob and Aunt Debby.

My favorite trail.

Obviously no one cared about the ozone layer.

Nancy's Nipples.