Monday, September 14, 2009

My Little Cutie

Layla was in her diaper and tee shirt and decided to put her shoes on, her hat on, and carry around a stuffed dinosaur and stuffed poodle. It was really cute, and really odd. She is so entertaining.

Layla found the screwdriver lying there while Jer was putting together a new shelf and she decided she was going to help.

My little biker baby. I'm going to have to get her one of those for Christmas. She loves riding Nina's bike around. She just needs to learn how to steer a little better.

Layla and I at the zoo with the monkeys. Her favorite place at the zoo is the jungle building. She loves watching the monkeys play.

Her second favorite place at the zoo is the petting zoo. She loves chasing the goats around and petting them and trying to ride them around. She's my little animal lover.

Blast From The Past

Pics of me as a child that look just like Layla!

Friday, September 4, 2009

I've been bad about posting this past month....

...and I'm so sorry! It takes forever to sit here and get them on to blogger, and I just haven't felt like sitting here and doing it lately. So here's a little bit of what we've been up to the past month!

Layla figuring out how to balance the ball on the tee at the Hennings' house.

She actually got really good at hitting the ball and would clap for herself everytime she hit it. It was so adorable and entertaining!

taking a hard turn in the toy car.

Daddy pushing Layla around.

"come and give me kisses momma!"

Little motor baby!!

Enjoying the crisp, cool autumn evening at Jon's.

She loves playing in the rocks. Of course, she tries to eat them.

Saying "CHEESE!" for Gabby!


My little runner.

Climbing up the slide like momma used to do.

Flower girl for a friends' wedding.

I don't know what her obsession is with socks, but she likes to wear mine on her feet and hers on her hands.

Looks like a lot of fun.

Daddy is a princess too?

Wearing the Disney Princess Mouse Ears that Grama Bird got at Disneyland.

I turn around for one second and I'm missing Dr. Pepper.

Shoe Queen.

Cake I made for one of Jer's co-worker's birthday.

Layla sharing with Kaila.

She's grown so much, but she's still so small next to her massive kitchen.

My little Bosnian refugee.


Layla in a basket!