Friday, May 29, 2009


So I didn't realize that my camera lens had a smudge on it until I uploaded all of those pictures last night! Don't worry, it has been cleaned and all pictures posted from now on will not have that on there..probably.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quilt Burrito

Layla was having fun playing in the first quilt my mom ever made for me.

WoW Time With Daddy

When Layla is fighting hard to stay awake at night, and we've tried everything to get her to sleep, Jeremy takes her over to the computer and sits her on his lap while he plays World of Warcraft. It works about 95% of the time.

My Munchkin.

Zver's Hair

Zver has been driving me nuts shedding his winter coat all over my house and my very light carpet. The other night I decided to comb it out so that it would wreak less havoc on my living room floor. This is the pile I got.

Morning Scare

So the other morning I was reading on the couch and Layla was going back and forth playing in her playroom and the living room (she was mainly just bringing all of her toys out to the living room.) For a while it got quiet so I got up to see what kind of trouble she was getting in to. Well, I could not find her anywhere! I looked in every room, even the ones with closed doors and I could not find her. I was freaked out completely. I walk in to the living room to look one more time and think about where she could be when I hear her snoring coming from the corner behind the couch.

Enjoying The Warm Weather!

Layla playing with Nina and Gabriel on her awesome picnic table.

Getting ready to eat.

Stealing her friends' pizza when they weren't looking.


The Robins nest outside our back door.

The tip of one of the baby bird's beak. They were too quick and I could never get a picture of them both sticking out.

Sleepy Time!

Playroom Fun

Memorial Day BBQ!

I took so many pictures that night. Here are the highlights (mainly every picture of Layla because I know that's all you people want to see!)

Walking around the picnic table with Maria.

Trying to steal food from Gabby.

My perfect little nugget.

She loved the little ottoman thing that was on my chair.

Stealing things.

Loving the swing.

Playing with the guys.

I set my cheesecake down for one second, and she got a hold of it and ate it all!