Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

Today we had so much fun!!! We woke up a little earlier than normal to go to work with Jeremy. Since it's a special holiday they let the families come into the fortress that is the 97th so that we can do a little trick or treating in a few of the offices. I wasn't allowed to take my camera because there are so many top secret things EVRYWHERE (Elvis is alive and lives in the building...I also learned what really happened at Roswell.) So I took a couple of pictures before we left of Layla dressed up as Sleeping Beauty (Thank you Grama Bird for the costume!)

Disney Princess seemed to be a big theme with all the little girls we met lots of Ariels, Jasmines, Snow Whites, Cinderellas, and less cute Sleeping Beauties. There were also a few Tinker Bells, but Layla's Tinker Bell costume from last weekend was way cuter!!!

Layla wasn't a big fan of her princess hat, so I decided to try it on. I don't know why she didn't like it. Didn't bother me any.

A popular candy that was handed out at Jer's work was lollipops. I tired to give Layla one, and she grabbed it from me and ate it herself!

It was a little sour and Layla was getting sticky slobber everywhere!!!

To get the sticky slobber mess clean we stuck Layla in the sink and washed her up. When I had her on the floor drying her off, she saty up and tried very hard to get away from m.

She's a quick little mover so I had to get Jeremy's help to reign her in. She was still determined to crawl around naked.

I even tried to bribe her with a toy.

Well, after waiting all day we had a costume change and Layla was a cute little witch. After we got her dressed up we took her over to my in laws house to trick or treat. When we got home we took her around the neighborhood looking for more suckers to take from the neighbors. We finally got enough and came home to sit in the garage and hand out candy to the trick or treaters.

Layla enjoyed all the other little kids on costumes. She just stared at them, wondering what was going on and why they were taking all her candy.

She got bored of that, so it was play time for the littlest, cutest witch.

The best part of tonight was Ghost Hunters Live!!! The team was streaming live from Fort Delaware for seven hours!!! Layla enjoyed watching it, until she passed out from her sugar high crash. Jeremy is over on the chair fast asleep also.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crazy Little Nugget!!!

I was over here on the computer updating the blog and my facebook and Jer came over telling me I had to come see Layla. They were hanging out in the living room, and Layla crawled over to the dining room and climbed up to stand against the glass and look out side. She seemed to be having a lot of fun!

I went outside through the garage to get some pictures and she got so excited to see me out there that she started smiling and banging on the glass.

Zver was going crazy the whole time because he wanted to come play outside with me.

Bath time in the sink!!!!!

After Layla had a teething cookie we had to give her a bath. We were in the kitchen so I thought we'd just stick her in the sink instead of getting a full on bath in the tub. I think she likes it better than being in the tub!!!

The Littlest Ghost Hunters Fan!!!!

Every Wednesday night I watch Ghost Hunters on SciFi. It is one of my all time favorite shows, and now Layla loves it too!!! I guess I've watched it enough that she likes it too. She crawls up on the quilt basket and pulls herself over to watch T.V.

Layla watching Steve and Tango analyzing all the evidence.

Tango explaining something.

The Little Cheshire Kitty...

She chews on everything and loves to chase strings and ribbons.

Proud of Grandpa!!!!

If I get pulled over while Layla is wearing this, do you think the cop would let me off with a warning???

Who can resist that cute little face???

Layla's New Best Friend

My buddy Steph came to Omaha to stay with us for a fun weekend. Layla just fell in love with her!! They would have staring contests that Layla would win and she fell asleep on Steph the first night she was here. Layla just adored her!!


One of Layla's three Halloween costumes. She wore her tinkerbell out fit to a Halloween party at our friend Barb's house. We had a blast!!! Layla loved playing with all the other kids.

Connor makes a cute little monkey.

The little guy behind her kept trying to lift her skirt up. He's starting young!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mt. Rushmore

Crazy Horse Memorial

While in South Dakota, we visited the Crazy Horse Memorial. It's similar to Mt. Rushmore, but much grander. The local Native American tribes wanted some representation of one of the most well known local heroes. We have our Presidents' faces carved into the Black Hills, so they decided to carve Crazy Horse sitting on his horse pointing over his lands.
At the memorial there is an amazing museum with lots of Native American artifact from all over North America. It's was pretty cool.