Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yay for Grandma Robbin!!

Today Layla, Jeremy and I went to the airport to meet Grandma Robbin who flew in from California to finally meet her first grandbaby! She also met her son in law for the first time. We've just been hanging out at the house letting grandma and Layla bond. My mom was able to see Layla get a bath and when she was all dry she layed her down on the cookie monster blanket and rubbed her down with baby lotion. We're having a good time and are looking forward to Grandpa Pete coming out here on Wednesday. Both grandparents will be leaving next Saturday, so we're happy to be able to spend this week together!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Perfct baby,

So far Layla has been so amazing. She sleeps pretty much the whole night and naps a lot during the day. She wakes up to eat, burp, get her diaper changed, and make cute little faces for mama and daddy. Her favorite thing to do is lay on either mama or daddy's chest and fall asleep. She also has amazingly loud burps and farts, she takes after her mommy!
I could not have asked for a better labor and delivery, and now I have the perfect little girl. Jeremy and I are two wonderfully proud parents and we are enjoying our family time getting to know our little bundle of joy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Welcome baby Layla!!

On Wed morning I woke up about 3:15 am with some cramping, and about 15 minutes later my water broke and the contractions got more intense and closer together. So Jer and I packed up and left for the hospital around 6 am. A few hours after I was admitted I was given an epideral so that I could relax until it was time to push. In early afternoon the nurse said I was ready to push and sent for my doctor. After pushing for 4 contractions (11 mins) Layla was born!

We had a great couple of days getting to know our little girl while I was recovering in the hospital, but we finally got to bring our little girl home today. She meet Zver, and he was very excited to see her. After a while he got more comfortable and knows that he has to be gentle with the tiny new person. They are now best friends!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It's about 2:30 am here in Omaha, and the little munchkin in my belly is not letting me sleep. I have ten days until my due date! The past week or so it's gotten to be so uncomfortable and I'm having a hard time sleeping. Also, I have developed heartburn for the first time in my life. I hope that means Layla will have a fully head of hair!
Okay, I just wanted to vent about my no sleeping.
I'm tired.
Oh, and here is a picture of some cute little baby flip flops my mom (the flip flop queen) got for the little monster to wear this summer. Notice uncle Matty in the background with a sweet little message.