Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Layla as Cinderella

My mom got Layla this ADORABLE Cinderella costume at the Disney store and she wore it out while I was running errands. She looked so dang cute. I tried to get more pictures, but she just wouldn't hold still or look at the camera. I'll have to try again another time!

Happy to be Home

As much as I love being out in Nor Cal with my family and friends, there is nothing like being at home and sleeping in my own bed. Layla was happy to see her daddy and cuddle on the couch with one of our new quilts.

Good Bye California!

When it was time to pack up and head home to Nebraska Layla did everything she could to keep me from packing. She wanted to stay and play with her Aunt Wendi and Grandma Bird!

We had a great trip out to California (Thanks Dad for buying my tickets!!) It was great surprising Wendi for her birthday and seeing my family and friends. I can't wait to go back out again!


In the local mall there is a big merry-go-round for the kiddos. Layla would make animal noises as we passed and she just had to go on for a ride. She was a little scared, but Wendi and I were on there with her and she ended up having a lot of fun and not wanting to get off.

Faces of Layla

Back to Lagoon...

Matty, Layla, and I were bored while everyone else was at work so we headed out to Pena Adobe to go for a little hike. It got a little steep, especially carrying Layla up, but we had a lot of fun!

We met a couple of horses on the way up.

I got a kiss from Layla when we made it to the top.

Getting some water from her uncle Matty. She was carried most of the time, but she did hike up some rather steep parts herself. She was a little trooper!

She was too small to carry the camelbak for us.

After all the hiking up steep hills I had to ice my shins.


My mom makes the best quilts in the world, and I love finding new, cute fabric to make quilts with her to take home with me. In my opinion a home can never have too many blankets

Layla was such a good little helper. She would take the pins out as my mom was sewing and put them back in the little pin-cushion. She was having so much fun helping!

Cuddling with the blanket she helped Grandma Bird sew.

Getting the yarn in the patriotic quilt I was making.

I absolutely love this fabric!

These are the two that I got for myself.


Little Princess

Layla looks so cute in her Belle costume!!!

Lagoon Valley

One warm, sunny day in Nor Cal we packed up a picnic lunch and a blanket and took Layla to see the ducks and geese out at Pena Adobe park. She had the time of her life chasing the birds around and finding sticks to swing around and beat the ground with.

You know Layla loves duckies!!

She was having the time of her life!

Sidewalk chalk + Bubbles!

Since the weather out west was so warm and sunny we took advantage of it by getting sidewalk chalk and a bubble machine and soaked up some rays.


I flew into Sacramento Airport on my sister's birthday to surprise her. To get her to the airport my dad told her that he needed to go meet someone who was flying in some important paperwork for a case that he working on. She took the bait and was bored out of her mind waiting on this mystery person.

So while they were waiting I had to sneak passed them and get into a good position to take this picture. I then sent my sister this picture:

She got the pic while I was going down the elevator and when I turned the corner I could see that she was completely confused as to how I sent this picture to her. Layla was very excited and ran to Wendi to give her a big hug. Then grandma bird and grandpa Pete each got a big hug from Layla.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I didn't give up on the blog again. I'm visiting family and will be home late Tuesday night, so I'll pick up on the blogging again next week. Hugs =)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!!

My famous sugar cookies! I made the cutest Shamrocks for Barb's St. Patty's party. They were a big hit with Layla. She loves her mommy's sugar cookies.

Mama's little "sham-rocker"

Big Girl!

In the fort with mommy watching Destination Truth.

Reading to herself.

My cool little bug on the one warm day we had last week.

Walking to our neighbor's house for a birthday party. She carried her diaper bag for herself.